We Make Events

Here at Mainstage & like so many other production companies, venues, manufacturers, employees and freelancers,... we have had to put a hold on our work and a pause on Live Events across the Globe.


Our industry as a whole relies on a dedicated bunch of technicians to function and thrive and bring you the best entertainment offerings money can buy. 


As part of the ongoing campaigns to highlight our role within the industry, we will be continuing to support to great work of #WeMakeEvents & Light It In Red (to name but a few) which aims to showcase our talents and place in the world of Entertainment.


There continues to be an industry-wide ongoing concern that many of our dedicated and highly experienced technicians and staff members will no longer be available when live enter finally return due to the pressure to move jobs and change careers to make ends meet throughout the pandemic. Without our staff and freelancers, we simply would not be able to function to the standards you expect from us and the wider industry. So next time you go to an event, a trade show, a concert, theatre show, village fair,…. remember all the people who help put the event together because without them it just wouldn’t happen.


We will be back, because after all,…. WE MAKE EVENTS!


Keep safe out there and we can't wait to see you all soon!


Joe Keat - Managing Director

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